You will always
be welcome here

"You've got to have a country, if only for the pleasure of leaving it behind.
A country means not to be alone; to know that in the people, in the trees, in the earth, there is a part of you, that stays there for you even when you are not around."

Cesare Pavese
Italian novelist and poet
The moon and the bonfire, Publishing house Einaudi 1950

Sometimes it happens I look behind me and I smile.
I have travelled around the world but I always come back here, in Villanova d'Asti.
I have been to many different countries for my job and I always found hospitality, smiles, partnerships, interesting sites to visit and appreciate.
Now it's my turn. I want to give back to the world what the world gave to me. And I want to do it precisely here, where I left from.
A place where the past, the present and the future dance in harmony. Where you can relax even only for a while under the ultra centennial mulberry tree where my grandfather used to tell me tales when I was a child. Where everyone can freely choose to pass through or to stay. In any case, you will be welcome here.